Customer Stories

Learn how development and cloud teams use Microtica to deliver, monitor and optimize their apps.
Customer Stories

From Manual Hassles to Automated Ease: Amir Yamin's Story

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Discover how Amir Yamin, a professional software developer, streamlined his DevOps operations and achieved significant time savings with Microtica. Learn about his journey from manual deployments to automated efficiency, and how Microtica's comprehensive solutions transformed his workflow, allowing him to focus on development rather than DevOps challenges.

Case Study: Develop Solutions Cloud Management Success with Microtica


The success story of a software developer, who transformed his cloud management with Microtica. Uncover metrics reflecting reduced deployment times, cost savings, and fast migration.

From Struggle to Triumph: HeyReach's Cloud Migration Story with Microtica


Discover HeyReach's success story with Microtica, a showcase of streamlined cloud migration for their enhanced outreach tools.

Maximizing the e-commerce potential with Medusa Template in Microtica's Intelligent Platform


A showcase of how an experienced e-commerce team reached the seamless deployment experience they were looking for, with Medusa, Microtica and AWS.

Microtica's Cloud Cost Optimization Transforms AWS Spending


This is a showcase of how Microtica's Cloud Cost Optimization feature significantly reduced AWS expenditures and improved operational efficiency.