Easier app deployment and management after migrating to Microtica


Due to slowed down feature releases, Doxmenu’s team needed to shrink development timelines and build a solid and scalable foundation — so they made the switch to Microtica to give its team true control over their product.

Before Microtica: A desire to achieve a seamless deployment workflow

DoXmenu is basically for menus. When they started, they were 3 people; 2 business-oriented people and one developer.

The team was laser-focused on creating an easier overall deployment and management process.

Coming across a solution: With a need for speed, Doxmenu decided to switch to Microtica

“This platform was exactly what we needed.”

The dev already had previous experience with Microtica, so they started using it from the get-go.

“Microtica was honestly a considerable time and headache saver right from the start. The automated deployment feature was my favourite because it allowed us to have frequent updates while we were building our MVP. At one point, we were deploying 3 times per week while testing new customer-requested features. This was a huge perk since we build our core product much faster with features we were confident would be used.”

Bojan Dachevski
Founder of Doxmenu

Outcome: Microtica's automated deployment feature allowed Doxmenu to deploy new versions safely without having any previous experience

Doxmenu was committed to setting the team up for success with Microtica straight out of the gate. This meant establishing a solid foundation that would enable the team to iterate quickly without compromising quality.

Having a less experienced dev working on the platform, the automated deployment feature allowed Doxmenu to deploy new versions safely, which was a big sigh of relief.

“With a single feature, Microtica allowed us to be more agile and cost-efficient, and this means a lot to a team of 3 where development time is scarce, and you have to precisely pick every single development activity undertaken. All in all, I'll definitely use Microtica in every single future venture I'll embark on.”

Bojan Dachevski
Founder of Doxmenu

Production deployments a week
Faster delivery time
Less DevOps costs