Tailored templates that take your code to production with just three clicks

Microtica features self-service templates with built-in security, monitoring and scalability, providing everything you need for an automated cloud deployment

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Don’t just take our word for it

Designed for developers, backed by DevOps

No learning curve

Get started fast

Working core infrastructure the same day you start developing. Connect Git for your apps code, configure the template and deploy.

No DevOps expertise

The easiest way to deploy on your AWS account without the need to go through long guides and tutorials. The template leads you forward deploying your application in no-time.

Low cost

Microtica provides free application templates and free Kubernetes infrastructure to get you started. When you’re ready you can move to your AWS and pick one of our affordable self-service plans.

Free until you're ready
Start saving time on your next cloud infrastructure setup

Setting up and debugging infrastructure manually takes time and effort. So, get the most out of your dev time by using our pre-configured infrastructure and application templates.