Microtica's Cloud Cost Optimization Transforms AWS Spending

Mid-Willamette Valley COG

This is a showcase of how Microtica's Cloud Cost Optimization feature significantly reduced AWS expenditures and improved operational efficiency.


At Microtica, we take immense pride in sharing real-world success stories that demonstrate the profound impact our solutions can have on businesses. In this customer spotlight, we delve into the journey of Mid-Willamette Valley COG, showcasing how Microtica's Cloud Cost Optimization feature significantly reduced AWS expenditures and improved operational efficiency.


Mid-Willamette Valley COG, like many enterprises, struggled with the challenge of effectively managing AWS expenses. The need to strike a balance between resource provisioning and cost optimization was paramount. This is when they found Microtica's Cloud Cost Optimization feature, designed to address these challenges head-on.

Solution: Microtica's Cloud Cost Optimization Feature

Dashboard Insights and Resource Optimization

Microtica's intuitive dashboards and comprehensive reports granted Mid-Willamette Valley COG insights into their AWS spending patterns. These tools empowered them to pinpoint instances of overspending and seamlessly optimize their resources. Through the implementation of automated cost-saving schedules where they put their non-production resources to sleep when not using them, they achieved an impressive 43% reduction in AWS expenses.

Accurate Cost Projections for Effective Planning

The foresight offered by Microtica's accurate cost forecasts enabled Mid-Willamette Valley COG to allocate resources with precision. Armed with data-driven decisions and predictive analytics, they could confidently shape their budget and resource allocation strategies.

Waste Advisor and Proactive Recommendations

A standout feature of Microtica's Cloud Cost Optimization, the waste advisor, provided actionable recommendations. Mid-Willamette Valley COG harnessed this tool to identify instances with underutilized capacities, dormant load balancers, and idle RDS instances. Armed with these insights, they were able to proactively optimize resources, contributing additionally to their AWS savings.

Comprehensive Reporting for Progress Tracking

Microtica's comprehensive cost reports proved invaluable in tracking progress. These reports not only assessed the impact of cost-saving initiatives but also illuminated opportunities for further optimization. They served as a roadmap for steering their optimization efforts effectively.

Results and Recommendation

As a result of their journey, Mid-Willamette Valley COG experienced a profound shift in their AWS expenses. Microtica's Cloud Cost Optimization feature helped them fine-tune their spending, streamline operations, and reduce AWS expenses by 43%. Their journey stands as a testament to the power of data-driven optimization.

We wholeheartedly recommend Microtica to enterprises seeking to maximize their AWS cost efficiency while maintaining peak performance. Learn more about how our cost tools empower businesses to not only navigate complex cloud landscapes but to thrive within them.

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