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From Struggle to Triumph: HeyReach's Cloud Migration Story with Microtica

Increare in conversions
Increare in conversions
Increare in conversions

Discover HeyReach's success story with Microtica, a showcase of streamlined cloud migration for their enhanced outreach tools.


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, HeyReach is a dynamic force working on the next generation of outreach tools and processes. Their mission is clear: to simplify and automate outreach efforts for teams, agencies, and recruiters, enabling them to engage in meaningful conversations. But the path to success had its challenges.

The Problem

HeyReach's existing setup relied on virtual servers, with no dedicated infrastructure. It was far from ideal for their growing needs. The pursuit of a stable, scalable, and secure cloud provider led them to consider AWS. However, the setup process proved to be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. With limited AWS experience in their team, they faced a tough decision.

How the Problem Affected HeyReach

After performing stress testing on their previous server setup, the team noticed that after a certain number of users (which were expected very soon) it would be really hard to scale the solution. They would have to set up and manually manage a bigger cluster of servers, which would prove challenging since they are a small team. So the decisions to go for a cloud provider instead was imminent. 

Exploring Possible Solutions and Discovering Microtica

HeyReach explored two potential solutions:

  1. Managing their server cluster on their current provider, but this proved impractical for their small team.
  2. Migrating to AWS and handling the migration and setup themselves, which was complicated due to their limited experience.

Being active participants in the startup community together with Microtica, HeyReach were already familiar with our cloud platform and some of our other customers. So the journey between us began at one of the community startup events when they recognized a perfect fit and received an offer too enticing to refuse.

Why Microtica Stood Out

The decision to choose Microtica over other alternatives was a no-brainer for HeyReach’s team. In comparison to the extensive efforts required for a self-managed migration, Microtica's platform and experienced team presented an efficient, cost-effective solution.

Key Features That Made the Difference

The ability to set up and manage multiple environments with ease was a game-changer for HeyReach. It enhanced their testing and rollout processes, offering quick and effortless configuration of different product versions for various environments. The added bonus of cost-saving measures and expert consultancy added tremendous value to their journey.

The Journey with Microtica

While their journey initially encountered a few bumps, these were merely reminders of how unprepared they were to undertake the whole AWS migration on their own. Microtica's expert team stepped in, guiding them through the entire process. After a successful migration, Microtica continued to support HeyReach by setting up tracking and metrics for their systems. The Microtica team proved to be exceptionally helpful, responsive, and thoroughly professional. Since then, using the platform has been a breeze as they are using it on a daily basis. 

The Results After Using Microtica

The Microtica platform not only solved HeyReach's immediate cloud migration challenge but also opened new possibilities for their development and testing processes. Significant improvements in planning and testing new features and services elevated the quality of their products and the efficiency of their rollout process.


The story of HeyReach's journey with Microtica is one of transformation, collaboration, and success. Microtica provided the stability, scalability, and security they needed, ultimately allowing HeyReach to focus on their mission of streamlining outreach tools. Their experience serves as an inspiring example for other companies seeking a seamless and efficient cloud migration solution.

HeyReach enthusiastically recommends Microtica to others embarking on their own cloud migration adventures, inviting them to join the ranks of successful stories in the cloud.

Faster cloud migration
Cost effectiveness
More time for new features

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