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Serengeti + Microtica = Full software development experience

Increare in conversions
Increare in conversions
Increare in conversions

Serengeti, a Croatian IT company, streamlined their app development process and increased productivity by integrating Microtica’s DevOps automation APIs into their Rapid Application Development platform, FIYU.

Before Microtica: Serengeti's Quest for a Streamlined DevOps Solution

Serengeti, a fast-growing IT company in Croatia, is building its own PaaS solution for Rapid Application Development (FIYU). At the beginning of this endeavor, they needed a platform that would allow them to develop, deploy, and monitor their applications regardless of the infrastructure they were using. That's why the partnership with Microtica, a cloud DevOps automation platform, was very suitable.

Accelerating App Development: Serengeti's Success with Microtica API Integration in FIYU

After evaluating Microtica's offering, the Serengeti team decided to integrate our DevOps automation APIs into their own Rapid Application Development platform, called FIYU. The integration process was seamless and took less than a month to complete.

With Microtica's APIs, the Serengeti team was able to incorporate powerful cloud automation functionality into the FIYU platform. The platform now provides developers with an easy-to-use environment for building and deploying their applications. The integration of Microtica's APIs also made it possible for the team to create new full-stack development environments tailored to their specific needs.

Outcome: The Transformation of App Development through API Integration

By using the FIYU platform, Serengeti's developers can now focus on creating great applications without having to spend hours manually coding for each possible feature. Additionally, the team is able to train local developers to build apps for them, which has helped them to increase their development capacity.

Serengeti's partnership with Microtica has been a turning point for their business. The integration of Microtica's DevOps automation APIs into the FIYU platform has allowed them to: 

  • streamline their app development process, 
  • increase productivity, and 
  • ultimately deliver a high-quality platform to their clients

New PaaS instances/day
Faster customer on-boarding
Less DevOps costs

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