Power up developers to work in the Cloud

Microtica is abstracting complex cloud setup and automation on AWS

Create Microservice

Microtica is super simple

  • Use Microtica provided components or write custom IaC to declare your cloud infrastructure
  • Define pipelines to automate build, test and more
  • Combine components together and deliver them in the Cloud
  • Deploy, manage and observe your microservices using Kubernetes directly in Microtica


Launch software in the Cloud with confidence


A way to define cloud infrastructure in a standardized and reusable way. Microtica provides ready-to-use components or write your own using AWS CloudFormation templates. Develop once and share across different projects.


Full overview of the software delivery process in one place. Quickly find and fix issues in the pipeline - no need to login into your cloud account. Pipeline health status - identify and fix potential threats for downtime. Automate your component builds with declarative pipelines.


Combine components in logical groups to deliver working cloud infrastructure. Plan before deploy so nothing slips - deploy with confidence. Automatic delivery problem detection and rollback to a working state - no human action required. One click stage replication (e.g. create temporary production-like stages for performance testing).


Working with Kubernetes on AWS can be challenging and Microtica can help with complete Kubernetes infrastructure setup - deploy on AWS with few clicks. Build, test and deploy microservices in one place - no extra tools needed. Kubernetes cluster and deployments status dashboard.

How it Works

Define cloud infrastructure. Add microservices. Automate build and test. Deliver in the Cloud

Define + Add
Continuous Integration

Reach Your Goal

The Cloud is complex to setup and maintain. Microtica breaks down the Cloud complexity and makes it more accessible to devs.

2 x Faster
Go to market
Cut developement
by 60%
Get your team
on board quickly


What others say about us


Where do you store data?

We provision cloud resources for you in your AWS account. So for example, if we provision a database for you, that database is on your AWS account, so you have the ultimate access control to it.

Regarding the data that you provide as a user on Microtica (like DB credentials), we store the DB credentials in the database on Microtica’s AWS account. You have the option to mark it as sensitive so we are aware that we should send the credentials to AWS Secrets Manager where they will be encrypted and stored securely.

Do I have an option to opt-out and continue to use Microtica provisioned infrastructure?

Yes, because Microtica components are made of CloudFormation scripts which we run on your account. It needs a special access to your AWS account, but you can always disable the access and continue to manage the CloudFormation scripts on your own.

Do I need an AWS account?

Yes. Microtica is not a Cloud provider so it uses AWS as one.

Can I configure Microtica components myself?

Yes, Microtica components are highly-configurable so they can meet your needs. You are also able to create components on your own.

Can I version infrastructure with Microtica?

Yes. Microtica is managing infrastructure for microservice architectures, including versioning.