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Create Microservice

Microtica is super simple

  • Connect your AWS Account
  • Create Microservice
  • Define your own pipeline
  • Build and deploy automatically
  • Command the Microtica superpower

Main Features

Launch microservices in the Cloud faster using our platform features

Battle tested Microservice framework

Develop standardized, production-ready microservices using ready boilerplates for automaton tests, code quality, service to service communication & DB ORM.

Automated infrastructure setup

Automated deployment of ready-to-use infrastructure setup running Microservices. Created by best practices with high-loads on production, with the ability to control scaling according to your needs.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Get flexibility and extensibility with the ability to use Microtica through CLI. Define your pipeline configuration in YAML format and Microtica will take care of the rest.

Microservice lifecycle management

Define your own or use one of our microservice delivery pipelines through UI. Include automation testing, code quality checks and integration with communication tools. Coordinated & automated deployment of Microservices on multiple stages - minimizing manual work.

How it Works

Create your microservice setup. Define the automation pipelines. Deploy on multiple stages


Reach Your Goal

Reduce your time to market with Microtica. Simply focus on your business logic & building a great app, instead on Cloud infrastructure specialization.

2 x Faster
Go to market
Cut developement
by 60%
Get your team
on board quickly


What others say about us


Where do you store data?

We provision cloud resources for you in your AWS account. So for example, if we provision a database for you, that database is on your AWS account, so you have the ultimate access control to it.

Regarding the data that you provide as a user on Microtica (like DB credentials), we store the DB credentials in the database on Microtica’s AWS account. You have the option to mark it as sensitive so we are aware that we should send the credentials to AWS Secrets Manager where they will be encrypted and stored securely.

Do I have an option to opt-out and continue to use Microtica provisioned infrastructure?

Yes, because Microtica components are made of CloudFormation scripts which we run on your account. It needs a special access to your AWS account, but you can always disable the access and continue to manage the CloudFormation scripts on your own.

Do I need an AWS account?

Yes. Microtica is not a Cloud provider so it uses AWS as one.

Can I configure Microtica components myself?

Yes, Microtica components are highly-configurable so they can meet your needs. You are also able to create components on your own.

Can I version infrastructure with Microtica?

Yes. Microtica is managing infrastructure for microservice architectures, including versioning.

Want to get an early start?

We are not there yet but we are working very hard to achieve our vision

Thanks for joining Microtica. You’ll be the first to know when we Launch!