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Streamlining Infrastructure Deployment with Microtica on AWS for Blackprint

Increare in conversions
Increare in conversions
Increare in conversions

Blackprint overcame AWS infrastructure challenges with Microtica's user-friendly interface and expert support, allowing them to deploy apps with ease while focusing on building their core product.

Blackprint is an educational platform offering courses to learn how to code the right way. Their courses are self-paced and designed for anyone who wants to break into tech, learn how to code or improve their current coding foundation. Blackprint aims to offer the same value as a coding bootcamp, but at a significantly lower price. In order to achieve their goals, they needed to create and deploy their infrastructure in AWS while adhering to best practices.

Before Microtica: Limited DevOps Experience Hindering Growth

Before finding Microtica, Blackprint's team had limited experience with DevOps, which caused them to spend a lot of time researching how to best set up their infrastructure. This ultimately hindered their ability to focus on building out their core product. They tried using another DevOps platform but were disappointed with the support they received, which was discouraging.

As Blackprint continued to grow, it became clear that they needed to find a solution that would allow them to scale their infrastructure deployment while maintaining best practices. They found the AWS console to be difficult to navigate and struggled to create and manage their environments.

Coming Across a Solution: Discovering Microtica through a Google Search

Blackprint discovered Microtica through a Google search and found that the product page addressed all their issues. They were impressed with the ease of creating EKS, databases, VPC, and CloudFront, deploying their apps from GitHub, and adding environment variables. The Microtica console was more user-friendly than the AWS console and abstracted a lot of detail, allowing Blackprint to focus on just what they needed.

Working with the Microtica team, particularly with the support of Rade, gave Blackprint the confidence that they would be in great hands and that all their needs would be met. The free trial gave them a good opportunity to see exactly what kind of product they would be paying for.

Outcome: Streamlined Infrastructure Deployment and Confidence to Grow

By utilizing Microtica on AWS, Blackprint was able to streamline its infrastructure deployment while adhering to best practices. This allowed their team to focus on building out their core product and providing value to their customers. The user-friendly interface and support from the Microtica team made the experience a great one for Blackprint.

As Blackprint continues to grow and expand its offerings, they can rely on Microtica to provide the infrastructure support they need to achieve their goals.

faster deployment
8 hours/week
Saved on infrastructure management tasks
Reduced infrastructure costs

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