Strapi Infrastructure on AWS in minutes


In the midst of a development phase of their custom checkout system, Foundr used Microtica and unlocked their potential with quick and easy Strapi infrastructure setup.

Before Microtica: wanting to start implementation immediately, but lacking experience in AWS

When Foundr was in the development phase of their custom checkout system, they came across a challenge. They wanted to start implementing immediately without worrying too much about infrastructure setup in AWS, for example, writing cloud formation scripts to set up the needed infrastructure, configuring the CI/CD pipeline, etc.

“We’re running a small development team with 3 active developers on the project. We wanted something to start right away and without worrying too much about the cost too. The team lacked experience in AWS solution architecture. As the tech lead, I could design the architecture, but coding up the infrastructure took far too much time. The learning curve for team members would also affect the project scope. Besides, there are rarer products like Microtica, which has built-in Strapi supported architecture.”

Wenfei Lian
Technical Lead at Foundr

Coming across a solution: a delightful setup process, only following documentation

The team at Foundr have tried to implement the architecture theirselves, however, going through the learning curve for the team was a bit time consuming and as a young business, they needed to act quickly and be agile.

Wenfei believed Microtica was a solid, modern choice to meet the needs of their engineering team. Those needs included:

  • The ability to start immediately
  • Low cost (has a free plan)
  • Less setup time
  • Easy to use
  • Supports the basic needs of Strapi infrastructure and also provides quality and industrial standards of AWS infrastructure architecture
  • Easy user interface

“The whole setup process is delightful. And whenever there were some small troubleshooting issues, but having the ability to easily resolve them just by following the documentation carefully was really impressive. I love the support, whenever I get an issue, support can always help, even I can request key features during the project, for example, setting up custom environment variables for containers running in ECS. Also, the support updates the documentation immediately if there are any confusions during the setup.”

Wenfei Lian
Technical Lead at Foundr

Outcome: discovering the power of Microtica

The Microtica team worked closely with Foundr’s engineering team on implementation, advising on how to best accomplish their goals. With Microtica in place, the Foundr team can now:

  • Establish AWS infrastructure FAST: the same day they want to start with development, to be exact
  • Work on development without worrying about infrastructure setup
  • Shorten the project timeline
1 day
Infrastructure setup
Faster time to market
Less infrastructure support needed