A single platform for developing and managing multiple applications


As the business scaled, it became a challenge to onboard and manage clients and coordinate new releases across multiple instances at once.

Before Microtica: managing a fast growing business was hard

Stabenfeldt is a book publisher from Sweden, active in the Swedish, Norwegian, and Finish markets for over 30 years.

The company caters to many different audiences and develops multiple applications, completely independent from each other.

As they were planning to launch even more apps, it started being increasingly important to optimize both the development and the software release processes, so that each new app or new version of an app delivers constant improvements, quality, and stability.

Coming across a solution: developing and managing multiple applications with a single platform

Stabenfeldt was looking for a solution that could at the same time support the growing needs of the company and be a development platform for managing multiple applications.

Outcome: discovering the power of Microtica

Stabenfeldt chose Microtica because it can help their teams to:

  • Build custom components that can easily be configured for specific use cases
  • Reuse the custom components across multiple projects
  • Easily replicate environments across applications and projects
  • Automate the software release process while reducing the possibility of faulty releases

Additionally, Stabenfeldt uses the Microtica Cloud Waste Manager that reduced their AWS costs by 60%.

Lower DevOps staffing costs
Decrease in AWS costs 
Running environments