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Strapi + Microtica on AWS - the golden ticket for Boksy’s family reading apps

E-learning, Publishing

Boksy needed a fast go-to-market for their application in Sweden. Looking for a solution that will handle terabytes of content and scalability that will support hundreds of users, without a DevOps team, they found Microtica.

Before Microtica: Reaching their target go-to-market in a few months was almost impossible without a DevOps specialist

Boksy's driving force was to increase interest in reading and make reading into a family activity. As a way to promote reading and listening to books, they wanted to develop book apps with a unique gamification model for kids and adults.

When Boksy came up with the idea they wanted to launch everything fast. Their complex application and website needed to be on the market in a few months.

They had a small team that needed to focus on developing the product instead of handling and managing the infrastructure. Besides that, they had a library with more than 30k books and audiobooks that needed to be handled in one place.

Coming across the solution: easy Strapi infrastructure setup, scalability, DevOps support

Handling a library with such content can be very challenging if it’s not done the right way. That is why Boksy chose Strapi, an open-source headless CMS that results in a simpler and faster end-user experience.

But the part that was missing, was the management of such a complex infrastructure that can support thousands of users.

They were looking for a solution that can:

  • Handle the infrastructure of the project on a daily basis without dealing with the complexity of AWS
  • Be scalable and support thousands of users
  • Deal with the deployments without having a DevOps team
  • Change the look of the application without releasing new versions
  • Easily allow Boksy to be available in different countries and on different languages

Outcome: Strapi, DevOps, and Support in one place

“The Strapi template was the “aha” moment for subscribing to Microtica”

By starting with the ready-made Strapi Serverless template in Microtica, Bosky were able to experience the true power of the platform. The decision was easy, as they got:

  • Strapi deployed on their AWS account in minutes
  • Management of their deployments in one place
  • An effortless platform that can support thousands of users
  • Team productivity, as they focused on the product instead dealing with the infrastructure
  • Affordable support during their AWS journey
Faster time to market
Lower DevOps team costs
Serverless components