Streamlining the onboarding and release process


Individual deployments for each client. Operating environment replication taking weeks. Hypha knew their plan wasn’t sustainable — so they turned to Microtica for an automated yet powerful solution.

Before Microtica: struggling to onboard and manage multiple clients at once

Hypha is a SaaS-based knowledge management platform that helps drive innovation for forward-looking organizations. Built on AWS, the Hypha solution is deployed for each client as a dedicated and isolated instance. As the business scaled, it became a challenge to onboard and manage clients and coordinate new releases across multiple instances at once.

Coming across a solution: automating the process

Rather than build an in-house team, Hypha set out to find a solution that could automate the process. That’s when they discovered Microtica - a cloud infrastructure and app deployment platform that can be used across many different environments in parallel.

Outcome: discovering the power of Microtica

With Microtica, Hypha has been able to:

  • Quickly replicate entire operating environments, enabling new clients to be up and running with their own dedicated cloud instance of Hypha within minutes
  • Use Git as a “single source of truth” so that configuration files can be changed centrally and then deployed to all relevant environments in one go
  • Work with the integrated pipeline management tool that uses the same shared library of infrastructure components across all parallel deployments
  • Observe and optimise operating budget by leveraging the Microtica tool rather than picking through the AWS console to find opportunities for saving

“With Microtica, we are able to automate the entire setup and management of our client instances through a single easy to use dashboard. This has dramatically streamlined our onboarding and development release process, freeing up the team to focus on customer success and building a great product.”

Louis French
Founder & CTO at Hypha

Less time to setup infrastructure 
Faster time to market
Faster customer onboarding