Self-hosted n8n solution on your AWS account

Setup your production-ready n8n solution. Own your data and infrastructure.


From code to production in just three clicks

Requiring no expertise

Get started fast

Build complex workflows and host them on your own infrastructure the same day you start developing. Connect Git for your n8n app, select the cluster you want and deploy.

No Learning Curve

The easiest way to self-host n8n on your cloud account without the need to go through guides and tutorials. The template leads you forward deploying your application in no-time.

Deploy for free

The n8n template is part of Microtica's Free pack templates. You can deploy an n8n application on our demo Kubernetes cluster to get started and move to your AWS when ready.

Microtica's pre-built components have become an indispensable part of our app development process. They've allowed us to significantly reduce development time while maintaining exceptional quality in all our apps. This means faster product launches and happier users who benefit from our innovations quicker.

Martin Tönnesson
CEO at Stabenfeldt

What’s included in the template

Git-push deployments

Push your code to Git and your apps are automatically deployed in the cloud with our built-in integration with Kubernetes.

Automated rollbacks

Using Git as a single point of reference, rollbacks are handled automatically when something goes wrong after a deploy.

Inline configuration

Change app configs, choose scaling settings, define and execute pipelines. Use the microtica.yaml file in your code for more complex use cases.

Intelligent monitoring

Know the state of your apps and infrastructure at all times. Follow resource consumption, performance indicators and real-time logs - all in one place.

Alerts & incidents

Track application-specific custom metrics and get notified when any anomalies occur, allowing you to address issues before they impact your users.

Production-ready security

Well-architected security, compliance, and performance incorporated. Reinforced pipelines with integrated Container Security Scans.


Start your n8n journey for free today and move to AWS when ready

Setup your infrastructure and applications for automated deployments.