Scale your startup with AWS excellence

Is your scaling startup facing challenges in making the most of AWS for rapid growth? Microtica empowers SaaS companies to achieve AWS excellence, unleashing the full potential of the cloud for seamless and efficient scaling.

The Microtica Portal lets you deploy any app you can imagine on AWS in an abstraction of all its underlying complexities. Deploying on AWS is now accessible and affordable for every startup developer.

Don’t just take our word for it

Empowering your growth journey

Automated scaling intelligence, deployment orchestration, resource optimization and much more.

Everything you need and more

Start by importing your applications or choosing any combination of our ready-made templates.

Git-push deployments

Push your code to Git and your apps are automatically deployed in the cloud with our built-in integration with Kubernetes.

Automated rollbacks

Using Git as a single point of reference, rollbacks are handled automatically when something goes wrong after a deploy.

Inline configuration

Change app configs, choose scaling settings, define and execute pipelines. Use the microtica.yaml file in your code for more complex use cases.

AWS Cost Optimization

Activate sleeping schedules in Microtica and let the platform save by turning off unused resources.

Production-ready security

Well-architected security, compliance, and performance incorporated. Reinforced pipelines with integrated Container Security Scans.

Monitoring in real time

Know the state of your apps and infrastructure at any point in time. Follow deployments per environment, app resource consumption and real-time logs.