With Microtica, everyone can focus on what they do best

A fine balance between powerful features for developers and flexibility for DevOps engineers

Select from ready-made templates or import an existing app

From frontend, to backend frameworks, between Kubernetes clusters and databases, you can deploy it all without a single configuration file. New templates are added each month.

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Connect your app source code and deploy with git-push

Push your code in Git and your apps are automatically deployed in the cloud with our built-in Kubernetes integration. Change app configs and choose scaling settings — all from UI.

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Monitor the current state of your app and infrastructure deployments

Stay on top of your app resource consumption and follow real-time logs. Trace the deployed changes back to the Git commit and quickly rollback to a previous version.

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Enhance your app delivery

Everything you need, and more

Built-in best practices

All Microtica templates are created with AWS well-architected best practices for security, compliance, and performance.

Inline configuration

Change app configs, choose scaling settings, define and execute pipelines through an intuitive UI.

Automated rollbacks

Using Git as a single point of reference, rollbacks are handled automatically when something goes wrong after a deployment.

Real-time monitoring

Follow app and infrastructure deployments, resource consumption and memory, as well as real-time pipeline logs.

Deployment History

Need to zoom in on a deployment? Everything you need to know about it in one insights dashboard. Who did what, when and where.

AWS Cost Optimization

Activate sleeping schedules in Microtica and let the platform save on non-production environments by turning off unused resources.

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