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The Ultimate List of GitOps Resources (Articles, Videos, Podcasts, Events & More)

GitOps is certainly becoming a major trend in the DevOps world. So developers are seeking for resources to understand the concept and get started. In this article, we are providing a list of the GitOps resources that will give you a profound understanding of the method. 

GitOps is a method that stores all data about a cloud environment, from apps to infrastructure-as-code, in Git code repositories. When code in the Git repository changes, GitOps tools synchronize applications and infrastructure automatically.

GitOps brings the same technology and engineering approach to DevOps as modern software development methods. In other words, everything that we as developers have been using from version control systems, like support for evaluating changes, keeping history, comparing versions, and rolling back poor updates, is available for infrastructure code, through GitOps.

According to Kelsey Hightower, a Principal Engineer at Google, “GitOps is the best thing since configuration as code. Git changed how we collaborate, but declarative configuration is the key to dealing with infrastructure at scale, and sets the stage for the next generation of management tools.”

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GitOps has generated a lot of buzz on Twitter and at KubeCon since its launch in 2017 by Weaveworks. This webpage encapsulates the core of GitOps in order to dispel any misconceptions about the subject. The team behind this site involves Florian Beetz, a student at the International Software Systems Science at the University of Bamberg, Anja Kammer, a consultant at INNOQ and creates cloud-native web applications, and Dr. Simon Harrer, a senior consultant at INNOQ. The three professionals are also working on a book about GitOps, and you can preregister here to get notified when it comes out. 

Guide To GitOps by Weaveworks

On this page, Weaveworks go through GitOps workflow ideas and patterns, as well as how to use them to operate Kubernetes in production and at scale. They also mention the distinctions between GitOps and infrastructure-as-code (IAC) configuration management technologies and provide advice on how to implement GitOps best practices in your own development environment.

Container Solutions

This is a blog by Container Solutions, where you can find many different resources about various topics related to GitOps. For instance, the GitOps resources here include reasons why to adopt GitOps, the downsides of GitOps, analysis of GitOps tools, various case studies, etc. 

WTF Is GitOps?

Another GitOps resource by Container Solutions, this time an ebook, provides all the basic information you need about GitOps. The ebook covers the origins of GitOps, the reasons for its invention, how it solves various problems, differences between tools, alternatives to GitOps, and predictions about the future of the concept. 

More articles: 


  • This is a great Q&A session where you can learn a lot about cloud-native CI/CD using GitOps.

  • The foundations of GitOps and how you can use it to deploy infrastructure to Kubernetes cluster.

  • In this Q&A session, AWS introduces GitOps, walking through an opinionated implementation for Amazon EKS and discussing each component along the way.
  • Kelsey Hightower, Principal Engineer at Google, walks us through his journey into Kubernetes. The video also involves an introduction to GitOps and how it fits into the big picture of cloud infrastructure.
  • Similarly, Paul Curtis - Principal Solutions Architect at Weaveworks, talks about the principles of GitOps, its contributions to productivity, the need to involve security from the start, etc. 


  • The InfoQ Podcast - The episode with Stefan Prodan gives a lot of valuable information about progressive delivery, flagger, and GitOps. 
  • Weaveworks - Here you can find all the episodes of the Weaveworks podcast, presenting many case studies, talking about Kubernetes in various use cases, and covering many topics related to the shift to cloud-native. 
  • PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes - This Red Hat podcast on Kubernetes interviewing many community experts about containers, DevOps, GitOps, microservices, cloud-native, etc. 
  • Coding Over Cocktails - This specific episode is with Viktor Farcic, one of the greatest experts in the field, talking about Docker and GitOps. 
  • The New Stack Podcast  - This podcast covers topics like observability, software planning, deployment, GitOps practices, etc. 


Bonus: Communities

GitOps is a workflow paradigm for managing cloud infrastructure that is quite strong. Though the DevOps community is mostly focused on Kubernetes cluster management, GitOps solutions are being applied and published to non-Kubernetes platforms. An engineering team may benefit from GitOps through improving communication, visibility, stability, and system dependability.

We hope these GitOps resources list will inspire you to keep learning and exploring this concept that we expect will be the future of cloud infrastructure.during 

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