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Introducing Microtica’s Developer Self-Service Pricing Model and Plans

In April 2022, Microtica will be creating a new self-service product category. The objective is to better align our service offerings with our growing community of developer customers while we also increase the benefits and functionality for our enterprise customers.

When we first launched Microtica 2+ years ago, our service model was geared towards enterprise customers who received high-touch customer support and were given access to the entire Microtica platform functionality.

Over the past year, in particular, our customer base has evolved to include a fast-growing community of developers and small teams with a more limited set of needs. To better support this community, we have created a new Self-Service product and pricing tier.

With our new service model, we will now support two distinct user categories:

  • Self-Service Plans – For individual developers or small teams supporting 1-3 environments and applications that require relatively few service clusters (<50 Kubernetes services) and deployments (<500 / month). Self-Service users have access to Microtica’s ready-made infrastructure components, and receive community support and chat support during working hours.
  • Custom Business Plans – For organizations with more complex deployments, specifically due to operating more than 3 environments, integrating custom infrastructure components, accessing enhanced functionality (e.g. shared infrastructure, environment replication, multi-cloud support), and/or receiving Tier 1 customer support that may include video conferencing, email or phone support on an as-needed basis.

Our new plan structure (see below) introduces several new self-service tiers, including a Free Forever plan, that aim to better align our services and pricing plans with the scope of your needs and deployment complexity.

If you are an existing Microtica customer and want to better understand how this change affects you, or if you are having trouble finding the right plan for your needs - please get in touch with us.

Other exciting Microtica updates

2021 has been an exciting year for Microtica with significant growth and many new enhancements. We've grown our user base by 300%, delivered around 10.000 deployments, and saved thousands of dollars in AWS costs.

We have significantly enhanced our Control Center module that is used by our Enterprise customers to manage more complex deployments. We are excited to now support

  • multi-cloud deployments (via Terraform),
  • an expanded library of infrastructure components,
  • and the ability to support shared libraries of custom components across multiple cloud accounts and environments.

Our Cloud Waste Manager module which helps organizations significantly reduce their cloud subscription costs is now available as an add-on module across all pricing tiers.

We want to thank you, our growing and enthusiastic community of Microtica users, for allowing us to support you and your needs. As always, your feedback is important to us, please reach out with any questions.


The Microtica Team