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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a project?

A project is the top-level organizational entity in Microtica. It represents a unique set of requirements, specifications, and architectural needs, so this is the reason we decided to give value to each project separately. A project can be anything from a new product or service, creating a website, or building a mobile app, to a whole business entity.

The billing process for each project is separate. Each project can be billed from different debit cards and will have a separate bill at the end of the month.

What is an environment?

An environment is a collection of infrastructure resources and applications deployed on the same AWS account. They usually represent a stage in the software delivery lifecycle, like development, testing, staging, demo, and/or production. But you can organize your environments any way you’d like. They simply combine multiple cloud resources used in a solution.

How many environments can I have in a project?

Depending on the pricing plan, you can have multiple cloud environments inside a project. The Free plan offers only 1 environment, the Starter plan offers 2, and the Advanced plan offers 3. If your project requires more than 3 environments you'll be eligible for a Custom Business plan, so you can contact us for a quote at contact@microtica.com.

What is a template?

Templates are one of the core concepts in Microtica, and they enable developers to set up and release their cloud infrastructure in a fast and secure way.

Templates can be anything from framework applications like Node.js, React, and Gatsby, to complete self-hosted solutions like n8n, Strapi, RocketChat and even supporting infrastructure resources like Kubernetes cluster, Fargate, or S3.

The great thing about Microtica’s production-ready templates is that they can be combined to create more complex solutions, and reused in any number of projects and environments.

Can I import my application in Microtica?

Of course. Using our ready-made import template you can import an existing app from your Git repository and deploy it on a new or an existing Kubernetes cluster.

Microtica plans and pricing - explained

Microtica offers both free and paid plans. Our Free plan offers limited deployments on your AWS account, using our growing list of free templates. Our paid plans offer expansion of your apps with production-ready AWS infrastructure and additional features like custom domains, monitoring and deployment insights. For a full overview of our plans and pricing, please visit microtica.com/pricing.

How do I pick the right plan?

Take a look at our detailed pricing matrix to understand all the features provided by our platform. Pick the ones that make sense for your project at the moment, and you can upgrade or contact us at any time if you need more. You can always get started with the Free plan and work your way up from there.

Does the price include AWS costs?

No, our billing is totally separate from Amazon Web Services. Microtica does not handle costs in your AWS account. You will still receive your billing cost on AWS in your AWS console.

How do I check my project plan?

First, click on the particular project you want to check the plan for from the navbar dropdown right next to the Microtica logo, and then go to Project Settings -> Billing -> Active Plan.

How do I upgrade to a bigger project plan?

You can upgrade your project plan subscription at any time. When upgrading, we’ll activate the new plan immediately. Your previously paid amount will be taken into account in accordance with the terms of the new plan. If your trial period is still active, it will be applied to your new plan. If the trial is expired, the new billing will start immediately.

What happens to my project if my trial expires or I downgrade my plan?

If your trial expires the project will be in a deactivated status. You’ll only be able to preview your environments, resources, apps and deployments, but won’t have the ability to initiate any action except removing your infrastructure from AWS and disconnecting integrations (Git, AWS etc.). If you want to downgrade to a plan, you’ll need to make sure to remove the additional resources that were available in the higher plan.  Please note that you can have only one Free project per account.

Available payment methods

Our platform is integrated with Stripe payments and we accept all major debit and credit cards payments from customers in every country. The price is calculated in USD.

Do you have a referral program?

Sure. If you recommend Microtica to a user that becomes paid, you will get 2 months free. Drop us a line at contact@microtica.com once you recommend our product to someone.

Why do I need to leave my AWS account?

Microtica provisions all infrastructure and deploys applications on your own AWS account. You’re completely in charge of the access permissions you give to Microtica to perform the CI/CD automation processes.

What information will you collect?

When you visit our website, our servers may automatically collect your log data, device data and ask for some personal information such as your email and payment information. Check out the full privacy policy here.

What happens to my infrastructure if I unsubscribe from Microtica?

Microtica provisions all infrastructure and deploys applications on your own AWS account. If you remove your AWS account from Microtica, then we’ll no longer have access to your infrastructure and data, and won’t be able to perform any automation tasks. The created and deployed infrastructure will be still available on your account in the AWS console.