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Discover Microtica 3.0 - where simplicity meets power
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Deliver cloud-native apps in minutes

cloud-native apps in minutes

Deploy, monitor and optimize infrastructure resources and applications without the cloud complexity

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“Microtica seamlessly integrates with AWS to simplify our e-commerce deployments. The automation and resource optimization have accelerated our project delivery, while ensuring we can confidently scale our projects cost-effectively.”

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Ship faster, iterate quicker

Launch your code to the cloud with speed and agility. Say goodbye to
time-consuming manual processes.

Git-powered infrastructure

One-click integration with your Git and AWS accounts, while you’re in total control.

infrastrucure appsinfrastructure apps

Automated deployments

Trigger on code changes, and watch your apps automatically deliver in the cloud, in minutes.

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Robust pipelines

Define your workflow, set up build and deployment stages, and deliver on multiple environments.

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Automated rollbacks

Trigger on code changes, and watch your apps automatically deliver in the cloud, in minutes.

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See the whole picture

No more drowning in data – we bring it all together into a clear, coherent view, so you’re always in the know.


Visualize and track key metrics and performance indicators with real-time dashboards.

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Detailed logs

Troubleshoot issues and uncover hidden insights with 3x faster log search.


Proactive alerts

Stay on top of potential problems, before they become major incidents.

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Incident center

Take charge of emergencies in a centralized place. Benefit from 40% faster mean time to resolution (MTTR).

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Stay in control at all times

Insightful and actionable tools to help you continuously optimize your cloud environments and get the most out of your cloud.

Cost analysis

Understand your cloud spending to the penny with cost-saving reports.

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Waste advisor

Microtica identifies hidden waste and suggests actionable tweaks.

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Saving Schedules

Turn off resources when you don’t need them for savings up to 60%

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Your cloud questions, answered!

Responsive, knowledgeable, and genuinely helpful.
This is how our customers describe our technical team. 
Experience the difference an exceptional support makes.


What our clients are saying..

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From Struggle to Triumph: HeyReach's Cloud Migration Story with Microtica
70% Faster cloud migration
2X More time for new features
55% Cost effectiveness
customer photo
Stefan Kotevski
Co-Founder & CTO at HeyReach
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We were very pleased with our experience working with Microtica. They provided us with excellent guidance and support throughout the migration process, and the cloud platform has been a breeze to use since then. We are very thankful for the cost savings measures and the invaluable consultancy they provided.
develop solution logo
Case Study: Develop Solutions Cloud Management Success with Microtica
40% Reduction in cloud management costs
2X Faster onboarding on the platfrom
75% Impovement in developer productivity
samuel image happy customer
Samuel Simeon
Founder Develop Solutions
stars icon
Microtica is a game-changer for small businesses like mine. It's simple to use, saves me valuable time and resources, and the support is fantastic. I would recommend Microtica to anyone looking to manage their AWS accounts efficiently and effectively.
mwcog logo
Microtica's Cloud Cost Optimization Transforms AWS Spending
43% Costs Savings
80% Resource utilization
200% Return on investment
customer photo
Juan Carlos Torres
AWS Engineer at MWVCOG
stars icon
Microtica's Cloud Cost Optimization feature transformed our AWS spending. With intuitive dashboards, automated savings, and accurate forecasts, we reduced costs, eliminated waste, and gained valuable insights for better decision-making.
blackprint logo
Streamlining Infrastructure Deployment with Microtica on AWS for Blackprint
2x  Faster deployment
70% Reduced infrastrucutre costs
8 hrs Weekly saved on management tasks
mahamadou happy customer
Mahamadou Sylla
Cofounder at Blackprint
stars icon
My experience using Microtica as a Devops platform was great. The console is very straightforward and easy to use. Using this platform saved my team a tremendous amount of time and allowed us to focus on building our product. Receiving support was very quick and efficient with all of my needs met. Devops can be challenging, even for an experienced developer, therefore, I would recommend this service to anyone who needs their infrastructure set up reliably and securely with little to no effort.
serengeti logo
Platform, Software
Serengeti + Microtica = Full software development experience
10+  New PaaS instances/day
7x Faster customers on-boarding
80% Less DevOps costs
customer photo
Sanjin Nestic
stars icon
Microtica software and support has provided us with opportunity to dynamically manage AWS services in a relatively simple and user-friendly way. We were able to focus on our product without thinking about every detail of AWS provisioning. We would highly recommend Microtica to any AWS related startup!
banzae logo
How does a high performant development team use Microtica to deliver their client’s apps?
10+  New PaaS instances/day
80% Less DevOps costs
78% Increase in successful
customer photo
Ivan Janjik
Development Team Lead at
stars icon
Microtica has enabled us to set up a scalable infrastructure on AWS for all of our projects, without requiring any DevOps knowledge. This is now an essential part of our development toolchain, and I would recommend Microtica to anyone who wants to get started with AWS
experience labs logo
Maximizing the e-commerce potential with Medusa Template in Microtica's Intelligent Platform
150%  Faster Deployment
30% Cost Reduction
70% Decrease in management time
alex hamilton customer photo
Alex Hamilton
Product Manager at Experience Labs
stars icon
With Microtica's Medusa template, Alex and his team can focus on what they do best – building a product that's changing the game in the e-commerce world while seamlessly monitoring and scaling their resources to meet evolving demands while reducing costs.
boksy logo
E-learning, Publishing
Strapi + Microtica on AWS - the golden ticket for Boksy’s family reading apps
4x Faster time to market
30 Serverless components
70% Lower DevOps team costs
dimitra najdenov icon
Dimitar Najdenov
Product Owner at Boksy
stars icon
Microtica helped us host our website in the existing AWS ecosystem with our mobile apps. With their templates we were able to setup our website using Next.js and React.js in a matter of hours.
stabenfeldt logo
A single platform for developing and managing multiple applications
40% Lower DevOps staffing costs
14 Running environments
60% Decrease in AWS costs
martin happy customer
Martin Tönnesson
CEO at Stabenfeldt
stars icon
Microtica’s ready-made components are an integral part of all our apps.
foundr logo
Strapi Infrastructure on AWS in minutes
1 day  Infrastructure costs
5x Less infrastructure support needed
80% Faster time to market
cstomer photo
Wenfei Lian
Technical Lead at Foundr
stars icon
We wanted something to start right away and without worrying too much about the cost too. Microtica's solutions are unique, having things like built in support for Strapi.
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Up and running in 10 minutes

Get started with pre-configured templates for the most popular frontend
 and backend technologies, open-source solutions, and AWS services.

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Deploy and manage a Node.js app on Kubernetes (EKS) infrastructure, with Git automation, monitoring, and auto-scaling.

medusa logo

Production-ready Medusa Server + Admin, complete with serverless infrastructure, load balancing, persistent storage, and database integration.

next template icon

Pre-configured next-gen web app with simplified deployments on Kubernetes, and built-in monitoring for optimal performance.

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