Your apps — deployed on any cloud, in minutes.

With the fast pace of cloud-speed innovation, automated and pre-made templates for cloud infrastructure creation and deployment can make a real difference.

Tailored templates that take your code to production with just three clicks

Microtica features self-service templates with pre-configured and constitutive component sets providing everything you need for an automated cloud deployment.

The infrastructure you need — without the dev time


Spin up on-demand infrastructure for your apps with Microtica’s self-service platform. Change app configs, choose scaling settings, define and execute pipelines – all from our UI.

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Git-push deployments

Connect your preferred Git to start building and deploying your apps. Every git-push will be deployed automatically. Be confident with automated rollbacks when a deployment goes wrong.

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Monitoring in real-time

Know the state of your apps and infrastructure at any point in time. Follow deployments per environment, app resource consumption and real-time logs.

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AWS cost optimization

Save on non-production environments by defining sleep schedules for resources when you don’t use them. Once the schedule is active, Microtica goes in autopilot mode and takes care of the rest.

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Here’s what our customers say

“Microtica streamlined our onboarding and development release process”
We are now able to automate the entire setup and management of our client instances through a single easy-to-use UI.
Louis French
Founder & CTO at Hypha
Customer story
“Microtica helped us reduce the onboarding time for new customers from days to hours.”
Now, we are reusing previously created modules and build new instances from our solution for different projects within hours.
Nenad Pavlovič
CTO at Sentian.AI
Customer story
“Microtica’s ready-made components are an integral part of all our apps.”
We finally found a solution that could at the same time support the growing needs of our company and be a development platform for managing multiple applications.
Martin Tönnesson
CEO at Stabenfeldt
Customer story
"A simple set up, and yet - powerful automation."
Microtica helps us release successfully and at scale every time.
Lars Svantesson
CEO at Lava
Customer story
“Super customer service, very fast and friendly.”
Microtica’s simple, efficient and cost effective automated deployments, helped us kick-start our project, without the need to learn AWS infrastructure specifics.
Dennis Gebhardt
Lead Developer at ManualRebel
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Free until you're ready

Build your infrastructure for free and take as long as you need. Just add a project plan for more environments and deploy on your AWS Account when you’re ready for the world.

You choose the machinery

Integrate with technologies and tools you already use and love

Source control managers
Monitoring tools
Security scanners
Cloud platforms
Test automation tools

We’ll help you get started

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Browse our free library of videos and documentation covering everything from best GitOps practises to provisioning your own cloud resources.

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Start contributing to Microtica’s mission — building the future of automated cloud infrastructure creation and app deployment.

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Start saving time on your next cloud infrastructure setup

Setting up and debugging infrastructure manually takes time and effort. So, get the most out of your devs by providing them with pre-configured infrastructure components and templates.